Our Various Services

At Aquakings Global, our services include but are not limited to; Design, Construction, Installation and Maintenance of Aquariums as well as Koi ponds and Swimming pools.
We also offer weekly and monthly maintenance services for your aquariums and koi ponds at a pocket friendly price.

Indoor Aquariums

Aquakings Global has experienced professionals who constantly improve on the services rendered to our vast clientele.

Office/Events Décor

Our Aquarists specialize in bespoke designs for your Indoor/Outdoor events as well as office space décor.

Outdoor Pools/Ponds

We also specialize in outdoor ponds and pools. Koi ponds are a beautiful outdoor creation you'll enjoy.


We at Aquakings Global have a pocket friendly plan that covers either weekly or monthly maintenance of Aquariums or Koi ponds.

Koi Ponds Set Up

Depending in the location of your choosing, our professionals can design bespoke koi ponds and install it to beautify your space.

Aquarium Accessories

There are uncountable aquarium accessories that we can use to beautify your aquariums as well as koi ponds, think dream about it and watch it manifest.

More From Aquakings Global

The most beautiful fishes make the best Aquariums, that's why we at Aquakings Global select the best of the best to enrich our projects to wow you, yes You.

Tropical Fish

Ornamental Fish

Saltwater Fish