Build Your Dream Aquarium

Get a professional Aquarist from Aquakings Global to design, construct, install and maintain your Aquarium at a pocket friendly price.

An aquarium is a wonderful focus point and meeting spot in the home, as well as an enjoyable activity for the entire family.

Experience the Life of Aquariums

They serve as a source of responsibility to children, and studies show that watching an aquarium can be therapeutic, lowering blood pressure, reducing tension, and soothing people. ​

Our Various Services

At Aquakings Global, our services include but are not limited to; Design, Construction, Installation and Maintenance of Aquariums as well as Koi ponds and Swimming pools.
We also offer weekly and monthly maintenance services for your aquariums and koi ponds at a pocket friendly price.

Indoor Aquariums

Aquakings Global has experienced professionals who constantly improve on the services rendered to our vast clientele.

Office/Events Décor

Our Aquarists specialize in bespoke designs for your Indoor/Outdoor events as well as office space décor.

Outdoor Pools/Ponds

We also specialize in outdoor ponds and pools. Koi ponds are a beautiful outdoor creation you'll enjoy.

Some of our best designs

Below are some of our best projects and more

What Our Clients Say

"After Aquakings Global installed this beautiful aquarium in my house, my kids who would usually come home after school and run off to play with friends now come home to play."
Mrs adegoke
"It's such a beautiful sight to behold, the therapeutic properties of the aquarium installed in between the living room and corridor relaxes me deeply and that is rare. ."
dr udogwu
"At first I was skeptical about it's installation, but my lovely wife convinced me to have it installed in the living room. Now it lights up the house as it is relaxing to behold.."
Mr johnson adeleye
"From my perspective, it's a must have for every home, aquariums isn't just about decoration, the different species of fish accompanied with the accessories is a wonder.."
mrs kanu